A Simple, Clean and User-Friendly Application Specially Designed for Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Triathletes and Athletes that Want to Track Their Activity

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rubiTrack is a well-designed training journal that enables you to monitor, review and track your daily activities with ease.

Activity tracker

By using rubiTrack, you can handle and organize recorded runs and routes, view them on the map, analyze and compare them in order to document your training process.

Consequently, you can display your activities as collections, list or calendar entries, synchronize data across devices and track your equipment, update your log and view the workout summary.

The Side panel offers you instant access to dynamic activity groups and offers information about the current user.

Workout logger

To begin using rubiTrack, you first have to record your running, swimming, walking, cycling or workout session using a GPS enabled fitness device, heart rate monitor, step counter or smartphone.

rubiTrack is capable to download the recorded data directly from various devices such as Sunnto, Garmin and Polar or via the cloud through Garmin Connect, Suunto Movescout and Runkeeper to your Mac’s hard disk.

From rubiTrack’s main window you can easily view your activities on the map, analyze and compare the recorded data using interactive charts and data readers. The great thing about rubiTrack is that all activities are automatically grouped and sorted different statistics.

Moreover, you can use rubiTrack to manage your sports equipment, track your health data, monitor your training progress on a daily or yearly basis.

Well-designed interface

The used graphics and window layout help you to easily read the summary of a given activity. Hence, you can view the distance, duration, pace, speed, power, ascent, heart rate, laps, calories, sport, equipment, track preview and weather conditions.

The built-in calendar can be customized to display different levels of detail while the workout summary helps you have an overview of your activities over a given period of time.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used rubiTrack 5 Pro for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂