Keep Your Login, Credit Card, Bank Accounts, and Software Licenses in A Secure App that Encrypts Everything and Stores the Info in The Open Pgp Format

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Having a secure space where you can store sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card details, bank accounts info, or license information is a must.

Secrets is a small yet efficient macOS application that enables you to organize your credentials by type and secure everything behind a master password, while the database is encrypted using the RSA and AES encryption algorithms.

Manually input login details and credentials or import data from other password managers

To reduce the time you spend inserting info into the database, Secrets comes with built-in templates that help you add login items, credit card info, bank account details, notes, or license details.

Secrets can also import databases exported from other password managers, such as 1Password, LastPass, RapidoSerial, or Password wallet. On the other hand, Secrets does not integrate exporting capabilities.

If you want to sync the Secrets database to multiple devices, you need to activate the iCloud drive and use the service’s synchronization capabilities.

Protect your database with a master password while the app automatically encrypts everything

Right off the bat, Secrets detects your user account and prompts you to set up a master key that will be used to protect the user interface. Note that the developers cannot help you recover the password.

You get to lock the user interface by using a hotkey, or you can activate various types of triggers via the Secrets Preferences. The same area helps you change the search keyboard shortcut, or enable the companion Safari extension.

Keep in mind that Secrets can generate secure passwords, is able to generate one-time passwords for services that require two-factor authentication, and keeps everything encrypted with the RSA and AES algorithms, in the OpenPGP format.

A secure wallet that integrates password management tools

The bottom line, the Secrets application provides a protected space where you can store details about various accounts and login credentials. The app encrypts everything and secures the user interface with a master key.

Secrets can import data from other password managers but allow you to sync the database to other devices only through the iCloud. At the same time, the companion Safari add-on will further streamline the login procedure.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Secrets for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂