Advanced Planetarium Application that Enables One to Simulate and View the Sky in Present Form or Fast-Forward and Rewind for Hundreds of Years

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SkyChart is a cross-platform planetarium application designed for amateur astronomers in general and it enables them to draw charts of the night sky, observe the Universe, view the position of planets, stars and other celestial objects such as satellites, and simulate eclipses among many other features.

Get detailed information by double-clicking any object visible on SkyChart’s complex map of the sky

SkyChart can be considered a planetarium encyclopedia because it offers its users an advanced database full of information about any selected celestial object, regardless of it being a star, satellite or a planet.

In addition, by selecting the “Distance measurement” option from the main window, one can measure the exact distance between two or more celestial objects at any given moment in time, in the past, present or the future.

Simulate celestial scenery, view constellations and reproduce eclipses, all while having absolute control over your telescope

Another worth mentioning feature of SkyChart is the fact that it can simulate the view of the sky from any place on Earth, from any object in the solar system and from thousands of light-years beyond it.

Furthermore, SkyChart enables you to control telescopes by supporting all of the leading computer-controlled telescopes available on the market today. Thus, SkyChart allows you to see on your computer screen where the telescope is pointing or direct the telescope to any direction or object with just a click of the mouse.

View detailed images of celestial bodies, print high-resolution charts and export them in various easy-to-access formats

Moreover, the really good thing is that SkyChart enables you to view how the celestial scenery changes as you move in time or space, by animating the sky with the help of comprehensive simulations that are a joy to watch.

One can also print high-resolution charts or export images in many different file formats like BMP, JPEG, PICT, TIFF and save GIF files that are viewable in any web browser.

All in all, SkyChart is a complex planetarium application designed to provide the amateur and average astronomer with a better understanding of the universe and all things regarding it.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SkyChart for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂