An Easy to Use Route Planning App Based on The Open Street Map Project that Allows You to Manage Your Running, Traveling, Hiking or Biking Routes

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With all the devices on the market that have a GPS receiver incorporated you can easily view your current location on a map and then monitor your course when moving. This is useful if you want to reach certain goals or you simply want to record your activity.

Simple to use interface for planning routes and exporting them to GPX files

Moreover,Β TrailRunner miniΒ is very useful in these types of situations because it allows you to plan certain routes that you can then export as GPX files and use your phone, for example, to track the course. At the same time, you can use it to evaluate your current capabilities or to establish certain goals.

TrailRunner mini‘s interface is quite intuitive which makes the application fairly easy to use. The main window is separated in three areas: the left side panel contains the routes list, the center displays the map and the assigned route (also includes elevation details), while the right-side panel includes the route details.

Route planner with a built-in route editor

In addition, the top toolbar includes search tools for the routes and locations list, but also provides quick access to the bookmarks or flags panels. Moreover, you can use the easy route planner to set up new paths, not only adjust already defined journeys.

Usually, each route contains details about the location, distance, duration, ascent, and descent portions, the burned calories and allows you to change its color representation on the map. The user can also easily record his own observations and even give a rating.

Makes it simple to import and convert multiple route file formats using a Mac

TrailRunner mini is able to import GPX, KML or Garmin TCX files so that you will not have to start from scratch on every occasion. When you are done adjusting the routes to your own needs, simply export them to a GPX file and use it on your GPS enables devices.

To conclude, TrailRunner mini is one of the best tools to have on your Mac if you are looking to create new training routes or simply make adjustments to match your training routine.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TrailRunner mini for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚