Free and open-source Graphical User Interface for OpenVPN that offers quick and easy control of the OpenVPN client and server connections

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Tunnelblick is a user-friendly and unobtrusive macOS application that enables you to take control of the OpenVPN client and server connections from within a simple and clean interface.

Complete package to connect to a VPN server from your Mac

The Tunnelblick utility comes with all the necessary binaries and drivers, including OpenVPN, tun/tap drivers, and easy-RSA. Hence, you are not required to install any additional binaries or drivers. To start using Tunnelblick you just need to add your configuration and encryption information.

It is worth mentioning that you also need access to a VPN server since your Mac is at one end of the tunnel and the VPN server is at the other end.

Intuitive and easy to use user interface

By accessing Tunnelblick’s status bar menu, you can easily view all active connections, disconnect or connect to the desired network, add a new VPN, quit the app and open Tunnelblick’s main window.

The great thing about Tunnelblick is that you can install OpenVPN or Tunnelblick VPN configuration files with just a few mouse clicks.

The Configurations tab helps you view all existing configurations, check their log and change their settings. Additionally, you can connect or disconnect from a server and copy the log to your Mac’s clipboard.

What is more, Tunnelblick is capable to use sound notifications when the connection is established or when the connects are interrupted. From the Preferences tab, you can reassign the keyboard shortcut, set the maximum log display size and check for updates.

Notification Center integration and powerful built-in utilities

Thanks to the Appearance tab, you can switch between the standard and the monochrome status bar icon and place it next to the Spotlight icon. You can also choose when the notification window should be displayed and the type of information that should contain.

The Utilities tab helps you quit all OpenVPN processes, copy the console log to clipboard and open easy-RSA in a Terminal window.

All in all, Tunnelblick is a comprehensive and streamlined software solution that helps you connect to any VPN server using OpenVPN to secure and encrypt all your site-to-site or point-to-point connections.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Tunnelblick for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂