Software to Easily Concatenate Collections of Mp3 Files with The Best Quality and The Smallest Size, Taking Into Account Both the Maximum Required Quality and The Compatibility with The Target Player

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For those of you that don’t know, when you say “concatenate” and you’re referring to music, it roughly means linking songs together, like when you create hour-long mix-tracks.

Whenever you try concatenating multiple MP3 files, there are several conditions that must be met. For starters, you need to have all songs be of the same quality and bitrate.

If converting them sounds like too much of a hassle, then a software program that can do it all for you, such as Batch Mp3 Concatenator, can quickly come in handy.

All the concatenation tools you may need in a portable package

First of all, we can’t start describing the program without mentioning that it comes in a portable form. The lack of a setup process makes the program especially easy on your system’s registries, and t also makes the program easily transportable on portable media, such as flash drives.

As far as the UI goes, the program is designed to extremely resource-efficient, albeit at the cost of visuals, as it may seem rather dated, especially to younger users.

Batch concatenation made easy

Just as the name may hint, Batch Mp3 Concatenator offers you to merge Mp3 files of various qualities and in batch, as it first goes through an elaborate conversion process to bring all the linked MP3 files to a unitary format and bitrate.

The encoding method for mp3 files can be chosen (abr, cbr, or vbr) so that one can choose whether to use the better encoding method in terms of both quality and file size or the most compatible one.

The only downside to the program is that it doesn’t allow you to preview the MP3 files that are put up for linking, and it will process ALL files from the specified folder, so you need to be careful what you have inside it.

A simple audio linking tool

While concatenation isn’t an operation you’ll be performing daily, Batch Mp3 Concatenator does indeed come in handy whenever the occasion arises.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Batch Mp3 Concatenator and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂