Get the Exact Sound out Of Your Guitar Through Various Effects You Can Set up And Fully Customize Using This Powerful Application

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Music is not simply the sound made by an instrument carefully handled by a pro. In order to get high-quality sound a lot of effort needs to be put into post-processing. Various dedicated machines and computer applications allow you to enhance the sound with effects. GT – 10 Fx FloorBoard is such an application that promises to completely change the way you play guitar.

Enhancing your GT – 10 effects processor

One thing is made perfectly clear when the application is launched, it’s especially dedicated to advanced users. First of all, you need to connect a GT – 10 guitar effects processor to your computer to be able to take advantage of what the application has to offer.

Most space in the interface is taken up by the actual tools you get to work with, while a side panel provides quick access to patch presets or custom profiles. The application provides a handful of StompBox effects that can be arranged in a chain representing the order you want them to trigger. These can be turned on or off individually so you gain full control over every aspect.

Create an unlimited number of effects

What’s more, double-clicking any StompBox brings up a new menu with a breathtaking amount of effects and knobs you can set or turn to get just the right pitch out of every effect. For example, you can enable a compressor for which you can fine-tune tone, attack, sustain, as well as overall level.

Furthermore, there are up to five patch clipboard fields you can populate with custom effect configurations and have them quickly applied at the press of a button.

A rich library of presets to choose from

In case you feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choices you have to make, there is a decent list of preset patches and categories you can try out, ranging from Warm Clean, Full Range, Messa Boogie Rhythm to Drive Stack and Metal Lead.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that GT – 10 Fx FloorBoard is one of the applications you might want to install on your computer if you happen to own a GT – 10 and want to squeeze the full potential out of it. You might get the impression of an unpolished interface and wind up lost, but advanced users will feel right at home with what the application has to offer.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used GT-10 Fx FloorBoard and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂