Simplify Window Management on Mac Os with A Simple App that Allows You to Resize and Move Windows by Just Holding Down a Key Combination and Moving Your Mouse — No Clicking Required

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The never-ending quest for increased productivity has us chasing new and innovative methods of making our work more efficient. Window managers are quite common, but they often lack a simple enough alternative to manually moving and resizing windows.

Hummingbird is one of the most straightforward window management utilities you will ever come across. Essentially, it simply provides a new way to move and resize windows. It is almost identical to the old-fashioned macOS method, but it doesn’t require mouse clicks — perfect for MacBook users.

Fastest window manager in the West

Now, don’t expect a host of productivity features when installing Hummingbird. It was purposely designed to be as simple as possible, but the way it helps you resize and move windows is definitely clever.

Basically, when you hold down certain modifiers, such as Cmd, Ctrl, Fn or Alt, and move your mouse, the selected window will be moved or resized.

Excellent for MacBook users

For a desktop user, this app isn’t a huge improvement. However, if all you have is a touchpad, clicking a window’s title bar or corner, and then dragging it, is not as simple as with a mouse.

Therefore, Hummingbird could prove to be invaluable for laptop users. All you need to do is press the configured modifier keys and then easily move or resize the window using your touchpad.

May need some small improvements

Moving a window is just as fluid as dragging it after clicking the title bar, but I noticed that resizing feels a bit choppy. It isn’t too bothersome, but it doesn’t feel as smooth as I would have liked.

The app also displays some statistics if you click the menu bar icon, but these aren’t particularly interesting or helpful. In fact, with the exception of customizing your hotkeys, there is no reason to have the app in the menu bar in the first place.

If you’re sick of overly-complex window managers, Hummingbird might be right up your alley. It makes moving and resizing windows a much smoother process, especially on MacBooks, and it is very easy to configure and get accustomed to.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Hummingbird for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂