Gives You the Tools Needed to Check Your Mac’s Security Status to Make Sure that Your Data Is Safe from Malware and Other Possible Threats

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macOS comes with a whole slew of built-in security tools these days, but there is no default utility designed to help you check if they are enabled on your Mac at the moment.

LockRattlerΒ is a free and very easy to use application which makes it possible to check if the most critical system protection mechanisms in macOS are enabled without having to dig through hidden folders and system files or run Terminal commands to check for them manually.

Helps you check if all essential security services are enabled on your Mac

Unpacking and launching LockRattler on your Mac is all that you have to do to start checking if your Mac’s security is at risk because of one or more essential security services being disabled.

Once started, LockRattler will begin scrutinizing your system to find out if the System Protection Integrity (SIP), XProtect, FileVault, Software Update, Gatekeeper, and MRT services are on.

Additionally, LockRattler makes it possible to check for any pending system updates and install them if any new updates are found.

Check for and install all or any available updates with a mouse click

Furthermore, you can use the input area at the bottom of the main window to install any of the found updates by name, as well as save the results as a text file for easy sharing or comparison at a later time.

LockRattler also comes with a “Trigger background check” button which enables you to perform a background check for security and critical updates only.

Last but not least, LockRattler‘s “Check blog” button allows you to rapidly compare the security component versions on your Mac to the last ones provided by Apple to make sure that everything is up to date.

Simple to use tool to survey your Mac’s security status

If you are not sure what any of the information displayed within LockRattler‘s window means or what any of the buttons do, you can always check the app’s extensive Help accessible via its status bar menu.

All things considered, even if you’re not an advanced macOS user you can take advantage of LockRattler‘s ease of use to make sure that your Mac is protected using the latest versions of Apple’s system security protection tools.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used LockRattler for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚