Organize, Maintain and Update Your Music Collection with This Application that Offers Extensive Catalog and Database Management Capabilities

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Music lovers are known to have extensive collections of songs, albums, and compilations. Music Label is a program designed to manage all the audio files and to create databases.

The app has a complex interface with plenty of tools to help you through the process.

For instance, you can add music to the collection by scanning the hard drive for audio files. Also, you can scan both audio CDs and media filled with MP3 files.

All the files may be viewed by various criteria, such as the name of the albums and tracks. Playlists can also be created with this app.

As mentioned before, the program can put together a complex database. For instance, you can add entries for any of your favorite artists. The musician’s name must be jotted down. You can also define the artist as a group, a person or as “various artists”, which is perfect for compilations.

The composer’s name is also necessary. Furthermore, the music style, the year the song was released, location and status are required. Also, the cover art may be included.

Music Label uses CDDB2 and ID3 technology. This means that your input in creating the database is minimal since most of these details are already included in the tracks.

The software offers you a wide range of statistics regarding the number of albums and tracks in the collection, as well as those that are on loan.

All in all, Music Label is a nice program that can help you organize entire collections. Inexperienced users should find the software easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive interface.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Music Label and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂