Batch Convert Microsoft Power Point Ppt Files to Numerous Image Formats and Apply Watermarks, with This Straightforward Software Utility

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If you need to share your PowerPoint presentations with users who may not be able to open and view the files, you can solve this issue by converting them to various image formats.

Ppt to Image Converter 3000 is a simple program that enables you to extract slides from PPT presentations and export them to multiple types of image files, as long as Microsoft PowerPoint is installed on your machine. It can process numerous items at once and allows you to insert custom watermarks.

However, the application lacks some important functions and features a disappointing interface.

Supports batch conversion

This utility can be especially helpful if you need to process a lot of presentations quickly, without having to run multiple conversion jobs. It allows you to insert new items using drag and drop actions and modify their order in the processing queue.

However, every presentation is exported to the same output format, as it is not possible to apply separate conversion rules to each file.

Additionally, you cannot specify which slides should be exported from each presentation.

Modify output settings and insert watermarks

You can input the dimensions of the generated images and adjust the compression level. If you are converting to the TIF format, you can also specify whether or not the application should merge all the slides into a multi-page file.

Ppt to Image Converter 3000 also allows you to insert image or text watermarks and change their transparency.

Poorly designed interface

While the application performs its intended functions well, its appearance and layout are not particularly impressive. Aside from being rather out-of-date, the user interface displays many grayed-out features that have nothing to do with PPT to image conversion.

In conclusion, this is a straightforward tool that can be used to batch convert PowerPoint presentations to one of the many supported image formats. However, it features an outdated and badly designed interface.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Ppt to Image Converter 3000 and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂