Turn to this viewer for SAPPHIRE models that is capable of ensuring seamless collaboration between all professionals involved in the process of building a home

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Building a home requires considerable coherence and flawless collaboration between all people involved, and every single detail is critical if you want a beautiful final product.

SAPPHIRE Viewer is a software utility that helps you have an overview of the work of both home builders and material suppliers so that no surprises pop out.

Helps you inspect the structure of a building

First of all, it should be stated that the program’s main focus is on teamwork since it offers to handle the transition between various tasks by providing a better view of the design that is being worked on as well as many other aspects involved in on-site construction.

But before we go any further, users may want to know that this app is complementary to SAPPHIRE Structure, helping professionals share their views and print files for further analysis.

Comes with multiple view modes

The viewer allows you to explore any job in various view modes, namely plan, elevation, and 3D, with the possibility of interacting with the content directly. As for the 3D view, it is split into three different types, more specifically, solid, plottable wire-frame, and plottable hidden-line.

Regardless of your choice, selecting the secondary view, the visibility switches, and exploring the job tree is possible so that you can effortlessly inspect the building.

As for the way the program encourages interactivity, it must be said that marked-up notes can be added to ensure seamless communication between the CM and partner.

Aside from that, a tape measure tool is integrated so that you can effortlessly take measurements while zoom features should allow you to focus on details.

Ensures collaboration between all parts involved

All in all, SAPPHIRE Viewer is a capable tool that should benefit manufacturers, architects, engineers, and customers in the process of building a house. The program allows them to analyze the structure of a building from various points of view,

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SAPPHIRE Viewer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂