A Practical and Lightweight Application Specially Designed to Help You Keep Your Notes Organized and Synchronized Across Multiple Devices

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We all use notes to write down ideas, thoughts, future plans along with all kinds of lists and other important information and, as a result, it is important to have constant access to our notes. Thanks toΒ Simplenote, we can now access our notes from anywhere and at any time.

Easy to use note editor and manager with multi-platform support

Simplenote is a well-designed and intuitive note-taking application that enables you to write, edit, share and publish notes simple and easy using Mac, iOS, Android or Kindle devices.

On top of that, you can use any web browser to gain access to any notes that you’ve created using the Simplenote app and make any changes you want, at any time you want, given that you have an Internet connection.

From Simplenote’s main window you can start writing your ideas or thoughts, apply tags and use the built-in search form to find and filter the displayed notes according to their name, content or tags. You can even view the number of written words and characters and the last time you modified the content of the selected note.

Share notes with a mouse click and restore previous versions when needed

What is more, Simplenote helps you pin the most important notes to the top, publish them to the web or access past versions of the document. Thanks to the History feature, you can go back in time and restore the version you need with just a few mouse clicks.

Another useful and mention-worthy feature is the sharing functionality that enables you to share a note with your friends, family or co-workers by simply adding their email address as a tag.

Create and edit notes on your Mac via a user-friendly and minimalist interface

Simplenote‘s Tag feature helps you organize your notes in multiple groups, a simple way for quickly and effortlessly finding the note you’re looking for. At the same time, the Sidebar helps you access all your notes including the ones you moved to trash.

All in all, Simplenote is a handy and very easy-to-use note-taking application designed to help you write, edit, share, publish and organize your notes from within a user-oriented interface.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Simplenote for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚