A fully-featured and user-oriented visual editor for PHP Doctrine, Propel, Doctrine 2 and Cake PHP designed to enhance your productivity

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Skipper (formerly known as ORM Designer) is a straightforward ORM designer that provides the required tools and features to create visual models and export schema definition files.

Powerful ORM design tool with a streamlined user interface

Skipper comes with an easy-to-use interface which will make it very unhurriedly design your ORM models via the inbuilt ER diagram.

While using Skipper, you will be able to focus on modeling and avoid typing errors, duplications, redundant fragments or any other inconsistencies in your app model.

Customizable configurations and built-in schema definition import tool

In addition, users can easily customize Skipper according to their project needs and, thus, thanks to XML configurations they will be able to extend or change the ORM framework setting.

As an added bonus, the Skipper utility also enables its users to effortlessly import and export schema definition in YAML, XML, source code or Annotations format.

More importantly, users may also import existing MySQL Workbench models and other DB Designer models, in order to convert them to schema definitions and greatly speed up their workflow.

The robust model browser and support for plugin-based extensibility

Moreover, one can take advantage of various advanced techniques and split the model to plugins, extend the model processing or use versioning systems.

Above all else, Skipper is designed to help its users to easily navigate through their models with the help of powerful navigation features and to work more efficiently thanks to the ribbon and keyboard shortcuts, the context menu and the auto-positioning features.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Skipper for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂