User-Friendly and Reliable Anti-Malware Application that Helps You Protect Your Mac from A Wide Variety of Threats Such as Viruses, Spyware and Other Types of Malware

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Sophos Home (formerly Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition) is free for private and non-commercial use and unobtrusive macOS application that provides advanced protection against a wide variety of Mac, as well as Window threats in order to prevent the spread of malware.

Stay safe and prevent the infection with worms, Trojans and other threats

Thanks to Sophos Home, you can also securely browse the web as it automatically scans the website for malicious codes. In addition, Sophos Home stops web-based malware and protects you against Internet threats.

The Live Antivirus function ensures a direct line to SophosLabs in order to provide the latest threat intelligence and stop all threats in time. Once a threat is detected, Sophos Home allows you to quarantine questionable files and for further analysis or immediately remove them from your computer.

Take care of your daily tasks and let Sophos Home in charge of your protection

Sophos Home quietly runs in the background and can be easily summoned via its status bar menu. From here, you can update its virus database, scan your Mac and open the Preferences or the Quarantine Manager.

Additionally, Sophos Home features a minimalist interface that helps you scan your entire system or only certain drives/folders. Hence, you can create custom scans that can be run manually or automatically by Sophos Home at the desired time and day.

As expected, you can include or exclude items from the scan process, schedule your scan at the desired time and day of the week and tell Sophos Home what to do with the detected threat.

Schedule multiple scans and stay updated with the latest virus databases

By accessing the Preferences windo, you can enable or disable the On-access scanner, change the update frequency and set the path for the log file. You can also set up a notification system that displays alerts when a threat is detected.

Moreover, you can enable or disable the Live Protection and Web Protection feature if you want to receive the latest updates and block the access to malicious websites and downloads.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sophos Home for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂