Track Your Activity and Analyze how You Spend Your Time by Organizing Events Into Groups and Compare Your Progress on A Daily Basis

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Timing offers you the possibility to record everything you do on your computer and analyze how you choose to spend your time daily.

In contrast with other time tracking apps, Timing does not rely on the user input: it will record the activity on its own, and the user gets to manipulate, organize, and analyze the data.

Log your activity and understand how you spend your time each day

Timing comes with a helper status bar menulet that allows you to see how much time has been recorded for the current day, access the tracking results, or add a custom activity. In addition, you get to pause or resume the logging.

Within the Timing results panel, you have the possibility to see all the recorded activity assigned to the source application.

What’s more, the app comes with a collection of predefined projects that can help you learn how much time you have spent browsing online, reading, playing games, developing, and so on.

Organize the events into projects and revise your performance via an automatically generated graph

Naturally, Timing also enables you to define custom projects that can monitor user-selected apps, together with particular folders on your drive. The utility also permits the user to assign a color to each project, which will prove useful when analyzing the logs.

After the initial configuration, Timing records the data on its own without requiring any user intervention. When analyzing the results, you get to select the period range, going from the last 7 days to the entire year.

Timing will generate a graph starting from the logged data, and you can choose to filter the information by app or hour, and see the daily timeline or sort the chart by the project.

Keep in mind that you can delete any of the recorded activities, even though you cannot stop an app from being monitored altogether.

Use the recorded data to quickly generate invoices for your freelancing gigs

Timing offers you the possibility to understand how much time you spend daily on a project without having to handle the logging process manually. You get to organize the recorded data by project and analyze the results in an easy to read diagram.

The Timing app does not come with any backup options, yet the data can be exported to JSON or CSV files and employed when generating invoices.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Timing for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂