Keep Track of Upcoming Events with This Intuitive Application that Allows Its Users to Create Alerts, as Well as Prioritize Among Tasks with Colorful Flags

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Having a reliable organizer can be crucial today and it is of no small wonder that multiple digital tools have been devised just towards this end. Ensuring its users can accurately keep track of upcoming events, Todoist is a highly practical utility that can even set up notifications and import or export tasks from emails.

Keep track of future events

The lightweight program requires a valid account – thus, also an Internet connection, but little knowledge on users’ part, as the layout is highly intuitive. Once logged in with their credentials, users are free to create tasks of any nature, complete with priority flags.

Color codes make it very intuitive to distinguish between important and less vital events and the scheduler also comes with a handy calendar module. Once entries have been created, the main list is populated with all the tasks defined, under corresponding daily headings (i.e. ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’ and so on).

Group similar activities together and share them with others involved

What’s more, multiple projects can be created and managed, a feature that allows one to bundle activities together. One of the notable features of the program is the ability to share projects with other persons, effectively linking multiple users to the same task.

Notifications are received whenever someone furthers an activity and reminders can also be set up. Several auxiliary features serve to enhance one’s overall experience with the application, such as a ‘task filter’ option, or an easy to use entries searcher.

An overall powerful solution for managing one’s upcoming events

Summing up, Todoist is a practical program for anyone relying on digital organizers. The program can share projects and keep users apprised of any important developments; managing personal events is also possible and reminders can be displayed to ensure users do not miss out on any important activities.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Todoist and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂