Synchronize Your Android Phone with Your Computer so That You Have Access to The Latest Photos You Take via This Sleek Application

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Your Phone is a tool designed to mirror your Android phone’s content to a computer so that you can access photos and videos without having to send them via email to yourself first. It is important to note that the app currently works with the most recent 25 Android phones that are currently able to run Android 7.0+.

Simply link your phone and computer to get started

Once you grab the tool from the Microsoft Store, you need to spend a few minutes synchronizing your Android smartphone with the PC, a task you can complete easily by following the instructions provided. According to the developer, you need to download a tool to your phone that can help you set up the connection via the remote system feature.

The application comes to solve a frustrating issue for Android users, namely that in order to view photos and web pages that you stumble upon while browsing on the phone, without having to email yourself. To put it simply, this should make it easier to transfer content between your devices.

The app works smooth, but it is still being improved

For the time being, the store app works with photos that can be seamlessly dragged and dropped into Office and other apps that are available for Windows and Android alike. However, Microsoft plans to add support to send and receive text messages, make calls get and notifications from the smartphones in the future.

Unfortunately, compared to what Microsoft revealed when they first mentioned the tool, the app lacks numerous features that they previously demonstrated. Nevertheless, if they are going to be added, then it means Windows can come more in line with macOS, which permits easy transfers from iPhones for years.

In the eventuality that you own a smartphone that runs Android 7.0+ and would like to access its photo content from your Windows 10 computer without having to waste time emailing yourself, perhaps you can consider giving Your Phone a try.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Your Phone and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂