Download you favorite tunes with all their associated artwork to MP3 format from sources like YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Deezer

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The Internet is home to dozens of online converters that can help you transfer music from YouTube, Soundcloud or other mainstream sources too, which is still regarded even today as the most popular audio format of all time, the MP3.

However, the main drawback is the fact that most of them only go as far as allowing you to convert your favorite clips to MP3 but without any type of artwork, lyrics, tags, and so forth. Not AllToMP3, though, which despite the fact that it offers fewer download options, converts clips to MP3 with all the complete artwork included.

An electron-based app that allows you to grab MP3s with complete artwork from YouTube and Soundcloud

Better yet, thanks to exquisite Electron technologies, it’s now available as a desktop wrapper for both Windows and macOS. For the time being, AllToMP3 only works YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Deezer, which should be enough for the average user.

Before we go even further, please take into account that this app is still in a fairly young development stage and some bugs and various annoyances might come to light, but as we have concluded during our tests, the app is pretty much usable.

Install, launch and start using the app in mere seconds

The installation is fully automatic and, once completed, you should be able to see a shortcut on your computer desktop. Just as the installation, the workflow is also quite straightforward. Its black-themed, minimalist interface is not bad, the main window is resizable, and all the controls are right on display since there are no menus or other such elements.

Simply select where you want your MP3 to be downloaded, paste the YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify or Deezer link in the dedicated area and hit Enter to start the conversion/download procedure. The progress is accurately displayed using percentage readings and, once it’s complete, you can play the MP3 with a simple mouse click directly from the app’s interface. Lastly, the app has one more ace up its sleeve. Basically, you can search for your favorite songs using the app’s built-in search feature and convert them to MP3 just as easily.

An attractive tool that allows you to convert YouTube videos, Soundcloud and Spotify audio to MP3

Having said that, AllToMP3 is probably not the best app of this sort out there, but, even so, it does have a few things going for it which might make it your preferred tool for the job. For instance, it allows you to convert videos to MP3 from four of the most popular services out there, it’s easy to use and, best of all, it provides you with MP3 files complete with tags, artwork, and lyrics.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AllToMP3 and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂