Plan and manage your work day from your smartphone, while still being able to access all complex data of a customer management solution

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DejaOffice PC CRM is a tool designed for teams and employees on the move, who want to access all of the data related to their work project anytime, anywhere. As the name suggests, the tool is a Customer Relationship Manager solution, meaning that you get to consolidate all communications with clients from one location. Then again, CRM also entails a task-centered scheduler, which enables you to have all the information for the day ahead at your fingertips.

It is compatible with Outlook, Palm Desktop, and Google Calendar

The idea behind the toolkit is to provide a more flexible alternative to Outlook and Palm Desktop, both highly complex emailing and management solutions. You can get started by importing your contact or syncing them via USB, DejaCloud or Wifi. Then again, if you are not ready to give up Outlook just yet, then you can consider using the Outlook add-in.

In case you are using Google Calendar for planning your work, then the suite allows you to pin it to your desktop where you can access it more conveniently. It goes without saying that you can make any changes from here, including creating new appointments and tasks. As far as privacy is concerned, you have the option to hide tasks, contacts, and calendars so that no one sees them.

Supports multiple users and can store all SMS and email history

The tool comes with multiple versions, depending on your company’s size, type of work and employee preferences. Therefore, the Express edition enables any team member to access the CRM from their smartphone. Moreover, history can function can help you transform emails and SMS into contact history items.

Last, but not least important, DejaOffice PC CRM is a tool that can be used for your entire team. Considering the advanced sync options, you will be happy to learn that all modifications are made in real-time and hence, save time and energy when contacting and managing customers in general.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used DejaOffice PC CRM and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂