Move content between locations, store things for later, or share them more easily, by putting them in convenient shelves using drag and drop

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Finder could definitely use some improvements when it comes to moving files from one location to another, as it’s not uncommon to find yourself juggling several windows just to keep items from different folders close at hand.

Dropover was designed to help with this, and much more. It’s a fairly simple app that allows you to create “shelves” where you can place files, folders, images, and even text. These can then be moved to other locations with drag and drop, or just uploaded or shared with others.

Just shake the mouse cursor to create a shelf

When you want to save something, just shake the mouse cursor while dragging the item and drop it on the shelf that appears. All files and folders are supported, as well as text snippets and images from the web. You can load multiple items at once or even add later.

The app allows you to create multiple shelves, which remain on top of all other windows for easy access. They can also be created with a hotkey or from the menu bar. To move something from the shelf, just drag the item to a different location on your Mac.

Upload and share content

From the new workspace, you can send files via Mail or Messages, as well as add images to Photos. Additionally, if you use iCloud Drive or log in to your Dropbox account, Dropover can generate shareable links for anything you place on a shelf.

Accessible workspace for managing files and web content

This app can make a number of tasks easier, and it’s ideal for users who find it hard to manage multiple files, web images or text snippets that need to be shared or moved. Essentially, it provides you with a convenient place to store items temporarily until you need them for something else. It is very intuitive, and it has a multitude of potential uses.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Dropover for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂