Create SMS templates and send messages through your mobile network but from a highly intuitive environment provided by this application

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Having to send the same message to multiple individuals surely becomes frustrating, especially if there’s no default method to batch send. If this means using your mobile phone, then specialized applications like FastSmser can help you send multiple message templates to any of your contacts.

You need to manually install RxTx libraries

The application requires Java Runtime Environment to function. However, you can opt to grab and deploy it through the application installer if it’s not already on your computer. Moreover, you need to have your phone ready because it’s used as the modem for the entire operation, and not the Internet.

Another important aspect is that the application requires you to manually install the RxTx library manually so that the application can properly communicate with your COM ports. On the bright side of things, the necessary instructions are instantly brought on-screen on the first application launch.

Needless to say that launching the application only takes you through some more configurations. This is only an initial step though because everything takes little time once you have all resources ready, such as the list of contacts, mobile phone connection, groups, and actual message templates to use.

Messages delivered through your mobile network

Initial details refer to the GSM phone number, as well as the PIN code of your SIM card. You can choose to send messages with high priority, and activate the automatic receipt. Note that all messages are sent through your phone network, so you might want to keep the number of items you send under control.

For proper management of info, a database needs to be created. It’s locally saved under the XML file format. What’s more, you can load data sources from comma or tab-separated value files.

In conclusion

To sum it up, FastSmser mostly comes in handy for advertising purposes or sending wishful ideas to multiple individuals. Unfortunately, your phone needs to be constantly connected during the operation because the cell network is used here.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used FastSmser and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂