Add several types of splitters in your menu bar to separate icons and keep everything well organized, with this tiny open-source app

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While some people like to keep their menu bar as free of clutter as possible, others want to have numerous icons there for quickly accessing various apps and features. The more you add, however, the harder it is to organize them.

There are plenty of other feature-packed apps that help you manage your menu bar, but Menu Bar Splitter comes as a simpler alternative. It lets you add basic dividers to separate icons or groups of icons, and there are several splitter styles to choose from.

Add dividers to your menu bar

After launching the app, a new icon will be added to the menu bar — a simple vertical line. This is one of the separator styles, and you can customize it by just clicking the symbol. New dividers can be added in the same fashion.

Of course, just like any menu bar icon, you can move these splitters by holding down  and dragging them around. Add as many separators as you want, arrange the icons to your preference and enjoy your newly-organized menu bar.

Multiple styles and support for Bartender

As I mentioned before, you can customize the dividers to a certain extent. Aside from the default vertical line, you can also change the symbol to a dot or replace it with a small or large blank space. If you prefer a cleaner look, the latter option may be ideal.

If you use Bartender, make sure you download the compatible version of the app so that dividers can be added to both levels of the menu bar.

A simple way to tackle menu bar disorder

Menu Bar Splitter delivers exactly what it promises — it lets you separate your menu bar into two or more sections easily. Given that it’s a small open-source app with no price tag attached, it’s easy to recommend if you’re looking for a no-nonsense way to organize your icons.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Menu Bar Splitter for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂