A program that converts MySQL databases to DBase or FoxPro format in a wizard-like user interface that makes configuration an approachable task

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When planning to migrate your databases from one format to another, you probably have some criteria in mind as far as the program assisting you in the process is concerned. Speed and flexibility are probably at the top of the list, and this is precisely what an application such as MySQL to DBF boasts of.

As made transparent by its very name, the program is capable of converting your MySQL databases to either DBase or FoxPro format, all while promising great performance.

Can move your MySQL databases to DBF format

Installing the piece of software should be an uneventful task, with the GUI you interact with being quite intuitive as well. Users should know that the interface is structured as a wizard leading your way through the conversion configuration in a smooth manner.

As said, the software utility’s focus is on productivity, and the fact that it offers command line support so that you can easily schedule and automate the conversion process stands proof of that. Besides, the program lets you skip all the configuration altogether, provided that you have previously created a profile comprising all your settings. Needless to say, this should save considerable time.

Comes with settings profiles and command line support

But let’s see precisely what the steps you need to take are. You first have to connect to the MySQL server you are interested in, which can be done by filling in the boxes with your username and password. Apart from that, you need to select the access mode, with local and remote being your alternatives. In case you choose the former, the host and port must be indicated.

Then, you are required to enter the source and destination database names in the same window that asks you to specify whether or not you want to convert table definitions only or convert BLOB to a memo.

Next, you should see that converting individual tables is possible, with the possibility of easily managing the ones you want to extract.

Sports a fast conversion engine

All in all, MySQL to DBF is a database conversion application designed to move your MySQL databases to DBF format with the help of a wizard-like interface that makes navigation a breeze. The program’s conversion engine should allow you to quickly get your work done, for which reason it is definitely worth a try.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MySQL to DBF and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂