Generate song books from your MP3s, video and karaoke files with the help of this user-friendly application that has intuitive options

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Song List Generator is a tool that you can use to generate a list of audio tracks from a folder.

The user interface of the program is clean and simple. You can import a folder, optionally include subfolders and select the import format (e.g. “Title – Artist”).

But you can also select the import filter (e.g. files dated on or after a specific date, files that contain a particular word in a field) and exclude filter, as well as configure auto-correction options (e.g. convert underscores to spaces, auto-capitalize).

If the tool has failed to process some of the files, you can view them in a list that can be saved in a TXT format.

So, you can view the total number of files, sort them by artist, title or disc ID, manually add songs, use a song removal filter (that contain a certain word or phrase in a field), as well as toggle the viewing mode between displaying disc IDs and versions.

When you want to generate a song list, you can configure the layout, effects and page settings. So, you can select the book preset, set book options (e.g. sort by, columns, song font size, group artists in leader rows) and data columns, modify the display style (standard, black and white, custom color), and more. Settings can be restored to default at any time.

The program takes up a moderate amount of system resources, includes a well-drawn help file and quickly finishes a task without freezing, crashing or popping up any errors. Although Song List Generator could upgrade its interface, we strongly recommend it to all users.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Song List Generator and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂