Find out whether your system is infected with spyware and hence, may be time to upgrade or change your firewall, using this application

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While firewalls act as guards between a network and the world wide web, even they have limitations and hence, can allow certain types of attacks to penetrate your system. Spyware Detector is a tiny tool designed to help you identify malware that bypassed the guard of your antivirus and firewall solutions.

Scans the firewall and displays vulnerabilities

The application relies on ClamAV antivirus, which you are required to install as a prerequisite for making the tool functional. After the install, you are able to perform a quick scan of the firewall and check out the potential vulnerabilities.

The idea behind the tool is to provide that extra layer of protection that can be especially helpful if you are working in a corporate environment and are managing sensitive data. Following the scan, the utility displays whether there are external sources connected to your computer via the unsecured TCP sockets. The results are shown with color codes, where red means a high level of threat or unsafe and green the opposite.

Allows you to further investigate the process

It is worth mentioning that the application allows you to terminate not only the potentially dangerous process but also the socket port connection. If necessary, you can detect MD5 hashes and therefore, you will know if you have spyware on your system. Among the other functions worth mentioning, you can count submitting files to VirusTotal or the app’s database, setup malware warnings and alert sounds and updating the ClamAV database without having to use the command line.

Regardless of whether you are trying to determine if the firewall installed is solid enough or you want to test a new, Spyware Detector might be worth a try. While good for a corporate environment, the tool can be equally beneficial for the average users who want to keep their systems spyware-clean.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Spyware Detector and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂