A fully fledged integrated development environment (IDE) that was designed to help users learning how to work with Python and build their own apps

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Learning programming and especially a language like Python requires, among other things, a good software solution that can make the whole process easier while providing all the needed utilities for carrying out the necessary tasks.

Wing IDE 101 was created especially for this purpose and it aims to become the tool of choice for programmers and beginners as well.

Practical interface for writing code easily

The installation procedure is pretty straightforward and in no time you should be inside the main window of Wing IDE 101. The feel of the GUI is that of a professional tool, with everything in place and easily accessible.

The workspace is split into several areas and most of the area is reserved to the multi-tabbed code editor. An important thing that should be mentioned is that the interface can be customized in detail, so the layout, toolbars, fonts and even the keyboard can be tweaked to some extent.

Powerful Python editor and debugger functions

Writing and managing bits of code is something at which Wing IDE 101 excels and there is a rich set of commands and features that are dedicated to these jobs. Besides the ‘Edit’ menu, where you can find most of them, the right-click menu is well furnished with shortcuts to the most often used tools.

The graphical debugger Wing IDE 101 is equipped for finding bugs in any kind of Python code. It is able to identify exceptions and will immediately let you know if any are spotted during the debugging process.

A top-of-the-range product for getting by with Python

All things considered, this software solution can certainly fit the bill for any user interested in learning Python and working with this programming language. The solid feature pack and the documentation that is included should make the job easier for everyone using Wing IDE 101.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Wing IDE 101 and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂