Design more balanced maps for Dominions and enjoy your own creation with all your friends, breathing new life into your favorite game

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Just like the name would suggest, Cartographic Revision is an application dedicated to creating specific maps. The real question is what kind of maps does this app create? Cartographic Revision deals with maps for the well-known game, Dominions. Why use this tool as opposed to the ones you’d get with the game itself? This is debatable, but the main point is it probably offers something different, worth trying in any event.

How does it work?

Being built with Unity, this application is actually a stand-alone map creator. You don’t need the original game to actually make use of this application. Once launched, all options are visible in the displayed window. No hidden options and no intricate menus. Start by selecting the number of players or nations you would like to include in your map, choosing from a minimum of two all the way up towards twenty. Select the era and decide on season view. Hit the build button, and voilà! Enjoy your new creation. Simply drag it in the original game’s map folders.

A new algorithm, more balanced

This particular application prides itself on using a different algorithm used in arranging the various nations on the map you’re creating. It’s aiming for perfect balance, meaning it will give players control over roughly the same amount of resources. The application itself is easy to use and it works very well and pretty fast too. You won’t have to wait too much before actually being able to give your creations a try with or without your friends. While this application does not stray too far from the game’s path, it surely brings a new view to the whole map-creation frenzy.

Cartographic Revision is an application that will not be that popular, seeing as it is aimed at a very specific group of people. Unless you are a fan of Dominions, chances are you’ll find this program to be useless. Even so, the functionality it brings to those interested in the subject is enough to make it worth a try for all the fans of the Dominions video game. Create maps and bring new life to your game with this easy-to-use application.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Cartographic Revision and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂