Save links with this browser-based tool, give them proper titles and descriptions, use ratings to point out their usefulness and define tags to optimize searches.

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GGather is a web application that enables users to create their private bookmark libraries and have access to a variety of online resources quickly. It displays a handy interface where anyone can save links effortlessly, organize items with labels and tags, give ratings based on personal evaluation and explore the knowledge collection later.

The software counts on simplicity, so it has a clean design, with no distressing elements and colors. It provides a reliable set of intuitive features that you can deploy smoothly through the brief menus placed on the left and above the central panel.

Click the “+” button to create a new bookmark and start by revealing its URL. Save the link and proceed to the next step where the app permits you to edit the automatically generated title and description. Moreover, you can change URL if necessary, upload a custom thumbnail, insert a label and attach one or many tags to speed up future searches.

In addition to all this, the dev team decided to include a tool that helps users rate their bookmarks. Manage this feature as you want, whether to point out your favorite websites, highlight quality levels or indicate usefulness.

Unquestionably, as the collection expands, you might think it becomes a little more challenging to find specific resources right away, but you are wrong. The app contains a powerful search tool and lets you filter links by tags and ratings to access any information with ease.

Furthermore, the platform offers multiple options for displaying saved links, but some of them are available only with paid subscriptions.

Bottom Line

GGather helps you bring your entire collection of bookmarks in one place. Save links straightforwardly, change their titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, attach labels and use tags for better organization. The browser-based solution also lets you rate bookmarks based on personal opinions and filter links to find any resource promptly.

Included in the free version

  • All Saving Methods
  • GGather Chrome Extension
  • Advanced Bookmark Customization
  • Library Search
  • Library Sorting & Filtering
  • Private & Unlisted Tags
  • Tags Customization & Sorting
  • Subscribing To Tags
  • Public Annotations
  • Discover & Social Sections
  • Sleek & Intuitive User Experience
  • Import up to 2000 Bookmarks
  • Unlimited Export

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used GGather and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂