Use this interesting application to extract a color palette from any of your uploaded images, making sure you get the right colors for continuing or improving your project

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Palette Wizard is an interesting application that will definitely help you as an artist. If you’re desperately trying to find the perfect colors to repaired or create a similar-looking digital design of sorts, this application should be everything you need. Load up your image, extract the colors in a complete palette, and export it for use with your base design program. It’s fast, and it will save you lots of time. What’s more, you’ll never feel frustrated again because of unmatched colors between similar creations.

This application has plenty of features

If you thought that extracting colors and creating a palette was an easy job, you’d be mistaking. While this application does make it look very easy, there are plenty of choices to be made, in order to make sure you end up with the right colors for the job. Import your image and simply extract a palette of colors, choosing the number of shades in the process. Create a color ramp between two specific colors or adjust the resulting ones. Arrange your shades by the percentage of red, for example, and have them display orderly.

Loading and exporting palettes is a piece of cake

With applications such as these, it is generally difficult to find the right file format to work with. This means that you have to either convert or somehow transform your existing palettes, wasting precious time on something that really should take seconds. Palette Wizard allows you to load formats such as PAL, GPL, GML or ASE, while also allowing you to save in roughly the same formats. Another cool feature that has to do with the palettes themselves is the palette color-adjustment tool. This allows you to change all the colors form a certain palette by altering the three main color channels, RGB.

Palette Wizard is an application that any artist will find of great use. It’s simple to manipulate and does not require much knowledge to operate. It can really make it easy to find the right colors to create or to modify a certain virtual image, and as a result, could be helpful in increasing productivity on your side. Lastly, you can extract specific colors from a certain area only, if you’re looking for an exact shade situate in a particular area of your loaded picture.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Palette Wizard and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂