Use this application if you’d like to create and animate pixelated objects, fast, easy and without having to deal with countless tutorials or isntructions

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Applications designed to allow users to create pixelated content are a dime a dozen, but few have an integrated animation functionality. Px Editor is one of those few examples, and it’s worth trying not just because it has less common features, but because these also work very well and allow you to create original content without too much hassle. So, if you’d like to create original content in an 8-bit form, this app could be an inspired choice.

It’s simple to operate and intuitive

The application will not surprise you in any way. On the contrary, it will probably be exactly what you expect. Is this necessarily something bad? Not at all. The simplicity of this application is actually relaxing. No menus to get lost in, no complicated functions. Just choose the color you want to draw with, and start your creative process. If you want to create an animation, add consecutive layers, detailing your creation with each frame you draw.

You can import colors, which is quite useful if you’re relying on color-accurate creations. Simple functions such as saving, exporting and loading are all well integrated into the structure of Px Editor. You can also add layers, which are different in comparison to frames. The latter is used specifically for creating animations, where the others serve to enhance your creations.

A little too on the simplistic side

This application could leave some with the impression that it does not have enough functionality. This is debatable, as this tool has the necessary functions to create an 8-bit animation. Its simplicity means that there’s more room for your creative juices to fill in the missing features, with talent and dexterity. It’s a pixelated art creator, so what else could you need for drawing something with it. Even without the animation-oriented features, this application would still be useful.

Px Editor is a neat application, worth your time if you’re interested in creating pixelated art with a simple tool and the interesting ability to create animations right away. The simple nature of the application is not to be an issue, especially since you’ve got all the needed functionality for designing 8-bit art. If you’d like to be fast in creating art and even faster in animating your creation, Px Editor could prove useful in this particular quest.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Px Editor and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂