A status bar menu application for macOS that enables you to quickly sample and encode colors that are visible on your Mac’s screen

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Finding the appropriate code for a specific color is not an easy task if you do not possess the right tools. Sip is a small but powerful Mac app that can help you sample colors present on your screen with a simple mouse click.

Sip resides in your status bar, which means that is easily accessible even if it is completely unobtrusive. To make things even more streamlined, you can activate the magnifier window with a hotkey, and the color code is automatically copied to the clipboard.

Extract the code for any color in no time

Sip comes with and extremely intuitive workflow: all you have to do is open the magnifier window, select the color you want to sample (must be on your screen), and the app copies the code to the pasteboard while placing it in the Sip status bar menu for future reference.

For your convenience, Sip also includes a color palette window where you can browse for new colors and then generate codes by using the magnifier.

Provides support for a wide range of color formats

Via the Sip status bar menu, you get to select the format for the generated color codes: Android, CSS, CSS3, UIColor, Java, .Net, and many others. This is extremely useful because you can easily adjust the color encoding to match your current project.

In addition, when you switch between color code formats, Sip automatically converts the code of the color stored in your menu bar, which can prove to be remarkably time efficient.

User-friendly yet powerful color picker for the status bar

Since Sip is placed in your status bar, its capabilities remain accessible system-wide: this means that you can use the color picker while developing all sorts of projects.

Moreover, the Sip app also allows you to sample any color present on your screen and can use a wide range of encoding formats.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sip for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂