Use this application for creating a preview of pseudo3D assets you might use in the development process of your retro 8bit video game

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Stackr is a sprite joiner, an application designed to allow users to preview the way assets look after various changes have been made to them. It helps bring perspective to any game designer, as it compiles all the data and forms a 3D-like object from the submitted materials. It’s very simple to use and helpful, especially if you need to see real-time updates on how your product looks, just as you make the changes in whatever editing program you are using.

Your spritesheet comes to life

The way your 3D-looking sprite is displayed will make sure that all possible flaws are visible. Slowly rotating, 360 degrees, the sprite almost looks as if it were alive. The application itself is pretty basic. You can load your spritesheet, and set the height/width of each frame. Not doing this correctly will lead to your asset not being displayed in the app.

It offers a preview while still working on it

The best part about this program is that as you’re working on your assets, every time you save your changes and refresh the app, the changed features will show up as well. This means you’ll be able to immediately spot any mistake, and undo any uninspired changes. The application is responsive, and it allows you to check your created object from all possible angles, all with the help of the directional arrows on your keyboard and a mouse.

Stackr is a program aimed at a very specific group of individuals. If you’re not a retro video game developer or have any interest in sprite sheet merging, you’ll find this particular program of no use to you. It doesn’t bring much functionality, and the little it does is very specific and open for use only to those who know what to do with these capabilities precisely.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Stackr and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂