You can easily extend the capabilities of the Foobar2000 multimedia player, by adding DSP effects such as faders, pitch shift, reverb or resampler

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Effect DSP is a collection of audio effects that you can integrate into the foobar2000 media player. The tool is easy to install and can easily be customized from within the player. While the DSP effects collection is vast, you can filter it so that the program only displays the options you need.

Quickly configure the DSP extension

Effect DSP allows you to extend the capabilities of a foobar2000 audio player. The tool includes a series of audio enhancing tools that you can easily access, after installing and configuring the component file.

The installation of the tool is simple: you need to access the Preferences window in foobar2000, the Components category, click the Install button, then indicate the path at which you saved the file. The program must be restarted so you can access the Effect DSP functions.

You can view the list of available DSP functions from the dedicated category in the Preferences window, under the Playback menu.

Quickly access the audio-enhancing options

Effect DSP introduces several new functions, but you may only select those you wish to use and add them to a convenient menu in foobar2000, View. The functions include an advanced audio limiter, mono to a stereo converter, stereo to four channels converter, crossfader, downmix between channels and mono/stereo or dynamic compressor.

Additional functions are echo generator, equalizer, -6dB limiter, IIR Filter, phaser, pitch shifter, playback rate shift, resampler, reverb or reverse stereo channels. You can also use the silence remover, tempo shift or WahWah tool.

Edit the audio parameters from secondary windows

Once installed and configured, the Effect DSP functions can be accessed from foobar2000’s menu, View. Each function prompts a secondary window, displaying sliders or radio tables, that allow you to alter the audio attributes of the files in the playlist. They are easy to access and provide useful audio enhancements.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Effect DSP and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂