A powerful VST sampler for macOS that offers you a plethora of professional tools that will help you create high quality sound effects

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HALion is a VST sampler designed by Steinberg that comes with professional sampling and sound design instruments. Musicians and producers all over the world can take advantage of a large sound library (2500 instruments and presets) that can be filtered by numerous modules and other audio creation tools.

Give original effects to your sounds via a user-friendly interface

To streamline the audio processing procedure, HALion comes with a versatile user interface that can be spread on multiple displays. As a result, you can easily resize and rearrange panels to make sure that everything you need is quick at hand.

Note that HALion includes almost 70 sound effect processors which can be used to alter your sound samples: you can easily generate original acoustic effects, and integrate them into your projects.

Furthermore, HALion comes with a powerful mixing engine that enables you to use any number of busses and includes support for 6-channel surround, and 32 stereo output channels.

Since HALion is able to integrate into most popular VST applications, you will be able to take advantage of the sampler’s capabilities inside the Cubase or WaveLab applications. At the same time, HALion is also able to work with different sampler formats.

Powerful VST audio sampling utility that can be used to create modern sounds

HALion is developed to meet the needs of both amateur and professional musicians: the large synthesized sound library is matched by a powerful audio engine that can simulate and synthesize a wide array of instruments.

In addition, HALion integrates time stretching and pitch shifting capabilities, can deal with complex tonal phrases and can juggle with different styles.

The user-friendly user interface, but also the fact that it can be integrated with more complex utilities, such as Cubase, make HALion a reliable companion when dealing with sound design tasks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used HALion for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂