Generate groups of processes that allow members to exchange messages with the help of this cross-platform, Java-based communication toolkit

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Aimed at developers interested in building powerful messaging applications, JGroups is a group communication toolkit that puts considerable emphasis on efficiency. To be more specific as to its purpose, JGroups helps you generate clusters with nodes capable of sending messages to one another.

Boasting a flexible protocol stack architecture, the software utility promises to be as adaptive as possible, letting developers make all sorts of adjustments so that all the network characteristics, as well as app requirements, are met.

Packing a respectable number of protocols, JGroups lets you mix and match them so that you satisfy multiple requirements simultaneously.

It is also worth pointing out that the toolkit is based on IP multicast but can even cover reliability and group membership.

As such, one of the things it promises is that turning to it ensures lossless transmission of a message to all recipients. What’s more, the ordering of these messages should be identical for all receivers, and large messages should be split into smaller ones recompiled when reaching the receiver.

In terms of group membership, it should be said that having access to the identity of the members of a specific group is possible. Moreover, keeping track of members who have joined, left, or crashed should raise no difficulty whatsoever.

All in all, JGroups is a handy toolkit written in Java that helps you cut down costs since you only need to purchase the protocols you actually use. Being focused on modularity and maintainability, JGroups makes protocols independent of one other, letting developers manage them more easily.

System requirements

  • JAVA

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used JGroups and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂