An interesting extension that combines art, design and your new tab page for improving your imagination and developing your inspiration

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Panda is in many ways an application with many strong and weak points, welded together by the strong desire to inform and keep individuals up to date. The main idea behind this Chrome extension lies in the browser’s new tab page, an area that suddenly becomes an inspirational journey for those designers in dire need of something fresh, of something new.

It’s a nice add-on to have

The application is definitely into aiming to bring functionality to a limited group of people. On the contrary, it attempts to intrigue everybody, the only disadvantage being that if you are actually a designer you’ll see the application as a hub of inspiration for your known project. It’s interesting to see how a simple new tab add-on can actually be more than that.

The way everything is arranged inside it, the fact that it attempts to be as clean and as orderly as possible are just a couple of advantages regarding this application. Other important aspects that may or may not affect you sere tied to the presented works of art. These could be your next starting point in life, in designing and so on or they could be a simple object.

A stylish new tab page for you

Once again, the extension seems to have been created with the idea of being a simple add-on that tries to help designers find their inspiration. While it may seem that way, the fact that it’s tied to the new tabs page, as well as the fact that it uses art as a form of gaining more visibility, contribute to it being so well received.

Thus, Panda is one of those less important extensions that can actually change their stats o account of some user’s need to consume plenty of artistic material. The add-on changes your new tab and yet the whole philosophy behind it does seem to mean much more than a simple inspiration bumping machine.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Panda and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂