A simple video and audio converter that encodes your files to the format of your choice and also allows you to merge multiple files together

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Converting video or audio files isn’t that complicated of a thing to do anymore. Nowadays there are a lot of programs that can perform this task. There are even websites that can perform these actions.

However, most programs usually come with a lot of other functions, which may make them a bit difficult to use for the average Joe. And even though websites are pretty straightforward, they usually take some time to finish the job, longer than we are used to these days.

If you do want an application only for this purpose, then you must try SevenConverter. With a basic interface that everyone can get used to immediately, this program does its job in a pinch.

How it works

Using it is something everyone can learn how to do in mere minutes. You simply drag and drop files on the window, select the format for outputting and click the button with the green arrow.

Although simple, it has a bit of complexity to it. It allows you to also select the codecs for both the audio and video content, and to configure other details such as quality, frequency, frame rate, etc.

Convert more files at once or merge them together.

You can also choose to convert multiple files at once in the same amount of time. You just need to select the formats you want them in and the program will take care of the rest.

Also, if you wish you can also have multiple files merged into one. You just need to tick the box at the bottom of the window, run the converter and it will accomplish this just as easily.

Overall, it’s nice to have

I would definitely recommend this program to everyone. Sure, it is not the most complex and can only do a few tasks, but that is what it was developed for. It was meant to convert video and audio files, and it does it with ease.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Seven Converter and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂