Extract the text content from your PDF documents with minimal effort by using optical character recognition algorithms via this user friendly macOS app

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Most PDF documents are not editable, and you cannot easily copy the included text to the clipboard, which might prove to be problematic if you misplaced the original text file.

Tessa OCRย is a minimalist macOS application designed to help you extract the text from any PDF file, without having to make too many manual corrections.

Apply OCR algorithms to your PDF documents to save time

To start working with the Tessa OCR application, you must use the Finder menu to select the PDF document you want to process. Within the Tessa OCR main window, you will be able to preview the pages and apply different processing rules.

Tessa OCR offers you the possibility to whiten certain areas or to select only a particular region for processing. This is very useful if you donโ€™t need to extract the entire text. Moreover, both actions can be quickly reversed.

Use different language packages to get accurate results

By default, Tessa OCR comes with an English language package, but via in-app purchases, you get to expand the number of supported languages.

At the moment, you can download the following packs: Danish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

All the additional languages will be added to the language drop-down menu, and all you have to do is select the appropriate entry.

However, during our test, we have noticed that the results were not very accurate when the font style was slightly ornamental. At the same time, the utility crashed on multiple instances while processing a page, or while exporting the output to a text file.

Powerful OCR solution for PDF documents that works best with plain fonts

Tessa OCR aims to reduce the time spent recovering text content from PDF documents by allowing you to employ OCR algorithms. The drawback is that it provides valid results only when dealing with fonts that are not at all ornate.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Tessa OCR for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚