Intuitive and streamlined text processor designed to help you navigate between documents in no time, and includes support for multiple syntax colorings.

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There is a large number of text processing utilities designed to assist you with your day to day text editing-related tasks. Tincta is yet another one, and its development has been focused on both speed and simplicity.

Stylish and very organized text processor that can handle basic editing tasks

Due to its design, the Tincta user interface allows you to quickly navigate between multiple documents in no time: the main window is separated in two panels, one for displaying the documents list, and one for visualizing their content.

At the same time, the toolbar placed in the top area of the main window provides buttons for frequent tasks: new, open, save, close, open in browser, and search. In addition, via a drop-down menu, you can select the syntax coloring you want to apply for your document: Tincta provides support for over 65 different programming languages.

Seamlessly customize the syntax colorings and personalize the app’s behavior

Tincta includes support for most basic editing tools: it can perform spellchecking corrections, allows you to change the default font, can show line numbers, will easily convert line endings and tabs, and so on.

Furthermore, via the Tincta Preferences window you can decide if you want the app to highlight the current line, to autocomplete brackets, to insert spaces instead of tabs, to indent the new line as the previous one, and so on. The same area allows you to change the colors assigned to certain code elements by the syntax coloring.

User-friendly text editor featuring syntax coloring and line numbering capabilities

The Tincta text processor will prove to be extremely useful when writing code in various programming languages: the app assigns numbers to lines and can apply various syntax colorings. In addition, since the app allows you to open multiple documents at the same time, you will be able to quickly transfer content between files or even compare your projects.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Tincta for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂