A straightforward and easy to use application that wants to take things further by providing the Vim text editor with a more user-friendly and efficient interface

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Despite the fact that nowadays most computer-based development work is done using modern and fully featured applications, you will sometimes, often or not, need an old-school text editor for certain tasks.

A free, very customizable, thoroughly documented, and probably one of the most influential text editors out there is Vim.

Keeps all of Vim’s good parts and improves the overall experience

VimR is a macOS standalone application that uses the Vim engine neatly tucked within a straightforward and easy to use interface and it seems to be the logical next step for everyone who loves and uses the Vim text editor.

To start off, if you are a Vim fan you will be delighted to hear that VimR hasn’t lost its way from the true Vim philosophy by remaining very customizable and extensible and, thus, it enables you to use all your favorite plugins and scripts.

Brings to the table two important new features for Vim, namely a file browser and a quick search function

In a successful attempt to improve the whole Vim experience, VimR comes with a new file browser that makes it easy for you to search for, find, and view your files.

Furthermore, if the file browser doesn’t help you find the exact file you are looking for, you can always use VimR’s built-in Open Quickly search bar that makes it easy for you to rapidly open files via Xcode or TextMate, a text editor that many consider being the one thing that’s missing from OS X’s development toolkit repertoire.

Easy to use, small, and efficient Vim expansion

Taking all things into consideration, VimR is a streamlined and useful text editing solution for development purposes that manages to improve the whole Vim experience, with a useful file browser and a quick search feature, as well as with a modern user interface stitched on top.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used VimR and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂