Learn more about your OS and the running processes, disabled apps or AV details, with this specialized scanner that can help you fix any issues

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Regardless if you wish to learn more about your operating system and its intrinsic processes or if you just want to see which applications are disabled and are missing from your well-known line-up, sifting through the data manually can be a really time-consuming process, especially when lacking a dedicated solution.

Built specifically for addressing such issues, Fixoi Repair will enable users to perform a quick scan of their OS and find out what aspects might be “out of place” or changed. Developed around a central, scanning module, the app allows one to perform a scan and subsequently, repair the identified damage.

Two, dedicated buttons, offer the scanning and repair functions, and users will also have the option of including a separate, JSON format log as output. Furthermore, another option allows one to toggle the “File Enumeration” feature, this way including in the resulting scan, a list of the identified files.

For those who wish to enable an even deeper scan, two, dedicated options allow them to elevate the app’s privileges, for performing potentially unsafe operations and increasing the operation authority.

Last but not least, the scanning process will yield a text log, which contains a detailed listing of all the running processes, system apps, and antivirus-related information, together with the IDs for each.

System requirements


We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Fixoi Repair and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂