A straightforward application that enables you to take screenshots at a custom period of time, compress resulted in images, and delete duplicates

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AutoScreenShot is an application that enables you to schedule your computer to take screenshots when you are away.

This type of tool should be used in order to monitor the activity of your system, especially when you are sharing it with multiple users.

Simple setup and easy-to-handle GUI

The installation process does not take very long, seeing that it does not pose any issues, such as making changes to your web browser, or offering you to download other third-party products.

The interface consists of a small window in which you easily configure multiple settings pertaining to the program, enclosing just a few boxes and buttons. As a result, both power and novice users can easily work with it, without encountering any kind of difficulties.

Take screenshots periodically and delete duplicates

This software utility enables you to set up the delay time between two shots (in seconds), as well as specify the output directory and the number of the most recent pictures to keep.

In addition to that, you can enable AutoScreenShot to control the actual session, compress images, delete duplicate files (with the same size), as well as to display an icon in the system tray.

The latter option is recommended if you want to quickly access the program to disable its function.

A few hiccups

The software takes up a low amount of system resources, supports a few languages for the interface and did not freeze or crash during our tests. However, there are some issues to take into consideration.

For instance, if the option to display a tray icon is not enabled, the only way you can disable AutoScreenShot‘s function is by terminating its process from Task Manager.


All in all, AutoScreenShot is a good program for monitoring your desktop, yet it definitely needs to work on its stability problems (and maybe to incorporate a hotkey for disabling its function).

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AutoScreenShot and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂