Secure your files and folders by locking, hiding, disguising, or uploading them to a protected virtual disk, all in a couple of minutes

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Sometimes, we are forced by the surroundings to share a computer with at least one more person. Sharing a computer is not a big deal unless you have files that you’d prefer to keep only for yourself. If you value your data, the easiest way to keep it from prying eyes is to keep it away from shared machines, but if that’s not possible, however, you can always encrypt them.Β Gihosoft File EncryptionΒ is a smart utility that can protect your data in a simple and comfortable manner.

Locks files and folders with ease

Unlike most file lockers out there, Gihosoft File Encryption has a different way of locking and unlocking items. How so? well, in order to protect a file you don’t have to load it and output it as an inaccessible item, but simply hide it away, rendering it invisible. To do that, you just have to select the files you need to secure and manage their protection status β€” all from inside the UI.

The protection status can be determined by the color of the padlock icon. If the padlock is green and closed, your file/folder is hidden and protected. An orange, open padlock, means that the item is visible and unlocked. To change the protection status, just click on the padlock, easy as pie.

Virtual disk upload and file disguise

If locking files doesn’t cut it for you, you can try other security methods. Take Virtual Disk, for example, a quick way of protecting your files by uploading them to a newly created virtual disk, protected by a password.

Another way around it is to disguise your items. File Masquerade can take care of that for you. Disguising a file will change the icon and description of an item. Even if this operation might sound tricky to do, you’re covered, as the app gives you the necessary tips in order to handle it.

In addition to file locking, you can use Gihosoft File Encryption to upload backed up documents to the cloud. You can drop your files to Google Drive, Amazon, Microsoft Onedrive, or Dropbox.

To summarize

Gihosoft File Encryption is a neat file locker that can secure your data in multiple, easy-to-do ways. Even if the market is full of such programs, this one seems to stand out, mainly because of how it approaches the locking operation.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Gihosoft File Encryption and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚